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Let’s be honest: It’s our job to not just deliver the best tech training to you, but to also make sure you know that ACI Learning Hubs are the place to go to train for the certifications you need and start the IT career you deserve. 

But you live in a world where even a package of socks from your favorite retailer comes with thousands of reviews. Validation today comes in many ways: Five-star reviews, video testimonials, hearts and thumbs up emoji, Reddit threads – so don’t listen to our marketing team. They get paid to make us sound awesome (which is a super easy job because, well, we are awesome). 

Listen to your peers…. 

In this blog, we'll let our students do the talking, providing you with first-hand accounts of their experiences and successes in our tech training program. No scripted narratives or paid endorsements—just honest, unfiltered stories from individuals who have undergone our training and have seen firsthand how it works. If you're eager to learn from your peers and gain insights into the effectiveness of our program, then check out these video testimonials that showcase the transformative power of our tech training program. 

Fast facts about ACI Learning Hubs: 

  • Our courses are always taught by a live instructor with years of industry experience. You’ll be able to ask questions, participate in group discussions, and get trained in real time. With course content that’s updated regularly, you’ll be ready to work in the industry. 

  • Instructor Mentors are available for personal study support. They’ll create a personalized study plan to help you master even the toughest concepts. 

  • With your enrollment, ACI Learning covers the cost of one exam attempt for each course. These exams can cost hundreds of dollars, but we know that getting the certification is the goal of each student. 

  • Take classes in a way that works for you. Attend in person or online (depending on location and funding). Each course runs for four hours per day on a morning, afternoon, or evening schedule, so that you can make your training fit in with the rest of your life. 

  • Everybody learns a little bit differently. Our courses include myriad ways to consume the material, including ITPro videos, study games, dynamic quizzes, practice labs, group projects, discussion sections, digital flashcards and more. 

  • The American Council on Education’s College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT®) officially recommended 12 ACI Learning courses for college credit. That means a class at ACI Learning could count towards a traditional degree. 

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