From Student to Salaried: How to Find Dream Jobs with Career Services

It’s always hard to start a new career path. There are so many options for getting an education or training in your ideal field, and when you’re done, there’s still no guarantee that your effort will lead to the right job for you. That’s why the career services department of your chosen educational or training institutions is so important.

When studying technology fields like IT, the fast pace of technology can make jumping from the educational environment to a workplace even more difficult. Tools and techniques that you learned in the first year of a 4-year degree may no longer be relevant by the time you graduate.

A professional education company like ACI Learning with integrated Career Services can optimize your learning by making it as relevant to employers as possible. Employer partners and high employment requirements keep institutions like this accountable to students and employers.

Learn a little more about how ACI’s career services ensure that our students find work relevant to their training.

Career Services in 5 Steps


You will meet with your Employment Development Manager (EDM) one-on-one to map out your goals, experience, and desired timeline. For example, some students may be looking to be employed immediately after their first certification, and some students may wait to complete several certifications before looking for employment. You make the decisions, and we’ll help make it happen.

A frequently asked question that our Employment Development Managers receive is, “Are there entry-level IT jobs available for students?”


You’ll then develop quality resumes and cover letters with your EDM while pulling together a list of references. Throughout this step, you’ll learn valuable resume techniques and cover letter strategies, developed by ACI Learning instructors, and proven effective in the IT field. A professionally polished resume and cover letter give you the best chance to stand out and get those first few interviews.


Once your resume and cover letter are up to professional standards, it’s time to start applying for jobs. We can help you research and feel confident in choosing what kind of work you want to do and for which companies.

Your EDM will then reach into their pool of jobs and look for a match. This pool of positions comes from our network of employer partners and positions curated from traditional job websites. Additionally, we’ll teach you what to look for in a job listing and the best ways to apply. Your EDM is available for any questions you have throughout this process.

The ACI Learning Employment Partner Network spans from the private sector to government entities like the Department of Defense. These employers know the ACI curriculum, the quality of candidates who graduate from our programs, and their success in hiring ACI graduates.


As interview opportunities come in, you’ll learn and practice interviewing strategies. Our EDMs know what specific employers are looking for, what methods work best for each candidate, and how to coach the necessary interview skills.

You’ll have access to a few kinds of coaching. Questions coaching teaches you how to respond to and ask the right questions. Mannerism coaching covers body language and how to act appropriately. And one of the most critical skills is Closing coaching: how to end the interview so that you secure a second interview or job offer.

In addition to coaching, you’ll practice mock interviews to help boost your interviewing confidence and identify areas of weakness and strength.

When this step is complete, you will have the necessary skills and confidence to land a position and a strong foundation to build the rest of your career path.


Once you have interviewed and gotten a position, we love to hear from alumni and help them throughout their careers. ACI Learning alumni have lifetime access to career services and the ACI Learning LinkedIn Professionals groups.

Employment Accountability at ACI Learning

Institutions that focus on accelerated IT skills training, like ACI Learning, are bound by strict employment guidelines. Our graduates must exceed state-set employment guidelines to maintain our status as a training company and accept certain kinds of funding.

To tackle the challenge of ensuring a high rate of employment, we aligned our training with the needs of the industry. We analyzed the IT industry and spoke directly with IT companies. We pinpointed which skills are in demand, which skills are most critical, and what we can do to best prepare students for the IT industry.

This method led to our Computer User Support Specialist program — our curation of the most valuable certifications prep courses for advancing IT careers. Aligning our training to their needs has built a bridge to your potential employers.

Two IT professionals seeking career improvement climb the steps to their goals

ACI Learning Career Services Department

This department fosters a mutually beneficial relationship between the IT industry and ACI Learning by providing employers with the employees they need.

The Career Services Department provides a comprehensive path from professional development to employment. The process begins on the first day of training when we introduce our students to their campus’ Employment Development Manager (EDM). The EDM guides students through the processes outlined above. You land a job, and we keep our approved status.

Are you ready for an IT career?

The ACI Learning Career Services department aims to adapt and innovate to give ACI graduates the best chance of landing their dream job. Whether you are looking to start a career in IT or advance your career, the ACI Learning Career Services department is here to help.

If you are looking to break into the industry, you may be interested in our entry-level Computer User Support Specialist program. It gives you a glimpse into each IT field, allowing you to find out which sector best suits you as you develop entry-level IT job skills.

Are you looking to advance your career or break into cybersecurity? ACI Learning has a wide variety of certification prep courses from CompTIA, EC-Council, and the Project Management Institute (PMI®). Find our complete list of IT certification prep programs here: Training Programs & Courses.

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