Learning Hubs Now Offer Improved CompTIA Curriculum

No more PowerPoint overload! Expect 15-20 minutes of engaging instruction supplemented by in-class activities and self-study options designed to help you learn best.  

We’re excited to announce new changes to our CompTIA courses (Security+, Network+, and A+). Studies show that students learn best through variety — activities and instructional methods that present information in different formats. So we’ve upgraded these courses, finding new and innovative ways to ensure your success. 

Heather Brown, Lead Instructional Designer, said, “The Learning Design team at ACI Learning is thrilled to roll out the new CompTIA courses. Our subject matter experts created a set of well-structured courses with a diverse mix of engaging and interactive content. Using an iterative approach and a continuous improvement mindset, we will continue to elevate these courses over time. We approach course design from a learner-centered perspective to help our learners achieve their career goals.” 

ITPro.TV Video Content 

The course curriculum now includes ITPro.TV videos that support and complement the topics covered by the instructor. ITPro.TV videos feature engaging hosts that are experts in their field of study. Students can watch these videos as needed to help them master course topics. 

Dynamic Study Games 

Studying doesn’t have to be a chore! Play Quizlets and other games that dynamically generate questions from the unit to challenge your knowledge repeatedly. Gamification participants score 14% higher on skill-based assessments.  

Group Activities and Discussion Topics 

Don’t expect to sit back and listen. You’ll be working with your classmates to understand the lessons and techniques while in class. Group discussions have been shown to increase comprehension and retention.  

Improved Instructional Content 

Instead of hundreds of slides with endless bulleted lists, expect more diagrams and illustrations that support instruction. Our instructional designers have built a framework for instructors, and they can fill in the blanks with their expertise instead of just teaching from slides. Instructors and instructor mentors can pick from the resources to help each student learn in the way that suits them best. 

Consistent Update Schedule 

ACI Learning has implemented a quarterly update schedule for these courses to ensure that the material and teaching methods are always state-of-the-art. 

Launch Your IT Career at ACI Learning 

If you’re looking to start a career in IT, consider our Computer User Support Specialist program, which includes ITIL and all three of the CompTIA courses that are part of these new curriculum improvements: Security+, Network+, A+ 1101, and A+ 1102.  It’s a great way to build a foundation for a career in IT. While ITIL teaches students the fundamentals of service management, each CompTIA course gives that student a background in a different IT specialization: cybersecurity, networking, and IT support. Graduates will find that after gaining some experience in the industry, this training prepares them to move into other more specialized roles. 

All Learning Hubs programs come with support from our Career Services team. They specialize in assisting students with their job hunts, including resume building, LinkedIn optimization, and even connecting students with local employers. Graduates can also access the exclusive ACI Learning job portal, where employers post roles for our students. 

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