Introducing ITProTV — Online and On-Demand Learning for IT Professionals

ITProTV Is Joining ACI Learning as it Continues to Set the Pace in Audit, Cyber, and IT

At ACI Learning one of our core values is innovation. Today, the pace of digital transformation is shaping the way we train.

With that in mind, we're introducing the newest addition to the ACI Learning family.

Meet ITProTV!

For over 7 years ITProTV has provided cutting-edge online and on-demand learning for IT professionals. Want a glimpse? In this short video, Brett Shively, CEO of ACI Learning, and Tim Broom, Co-founder of ITProTV, share how this union will help develop the Audit, IT Audit, Cybersecurity, and IT training landscape — meeting students where they are with training that is both innovative, and entertaining.

Broom notes “We created ITProTV because it is the IT training we wanted to have ourselves – engaging, conversational, affordable and convenient.”

Welcome ITProTV! We're looking forward to leading the industry together!

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