Upskill & Outpace your competition with SkillsProTV from ACI Learning

Your team is your company’s biggest competitive advantage. Your growth, your assets, your sales victories, your intellectual property, your customer’s privacy, your reputation…all rest in the hands of your staff. 

What if every person in your organization was stronger? Imagine if each person had the tools to make themselves more professional, more prepared to harness the technology world, more protective of your company’s data, and more proactive in ensuring that your enterprise thrives. 

It starts here: SkillsProTV 

Introducing SkillsProTV from ACI Learning. That’s’ right… TV. It’s the most wide-ranging portfolio of productivity, PC and professional skills training you can offer your team… in the most engaging “edu-taining” format possible.  Featuring more than 75 learning modules and 200+ episodes that are on demand, on-trend, and on-target. 

SkillsProTV includes four main areas of focus that are in-demand in organizations across the globe: Security Awareness, Business Skills, Digital Literacy, and Applications for Doing Work.   

Courses include Living Online, Working From Home Tips, Professional Growth, Security Fundamentals, plus the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook) and more.  

The engaging and entertaining format of SkillsProTV includes live action, comedic scene work and animation, which improves attention which leads to comprehension. Plus, with mobile viewing options, you can meet your learners where they are, whether that’s on a desktop or mobile device. There is something for everyone on your team with SkillsProTV.  

Why training is a good investment 

Training has historically been a ‘feel good’ metric, but recently, many firms have set out to quantify the impact it has. This emergence of data has been associated with Millennials and GenZ in the workforce, for whom small gestures towards development will not suffice. Consider the data: 

  • Companies that offer comprehensive training programs have a 24% higher profit margin than those that spend less on training.  -Shift Learning  

  • 1 in 10 US adults feel they have sufficient skills to use the digital tools they're responsible for in their daily work. - -Shift Learning 

  • A survey of technology workers found that more than half preferred self-paced, online courses, but only half of the organizations surveyed offered such programs.  -Pluralsight  

  • These data points can’t be ignored by leaders at all levels of an organization.  

How leaders derive value 

SkillsProTV includes access to a management platform called the ProPortal. In the ProPortal, leaders can create teams, create learning modules composed of courses or individual episodes, and assign those learning modules to individuals or teams. Leaders can then access reports to track the progress of their learners and see the return on their training investment.  

The big question is: Will they watch? Once your teams experience engaging learning with SkillsProTV, they’ll never want to go back to the days of mandatory PowerPoint training again. Your staff will appreciate that you’re investing in their professional growth… in a way that fits their personal life.    

Get started today 

It’s productivity and performance for everyone… in the most flexible, binge-able and affordable way imaginable. SkillsProTV lets you upskill your team… and outpace your competition.  

Ready to give it a spin? Get your free team trial at 

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