The ACI Learning Apprenticeship Program – Answering the Help Desk Staffing Challenge

Today’s employers face the challenge of staffing a large help desk, and it is not easy to find enough IT candidates to keep those positions filled. That is why ACI Learning’s Apprenticeship Program has become the trusted source with an innovative win-win solution for job seekers and employers alike. 

According to LinkedIn, the IT industry is among the top five most in-demand for entry-level staffing. Companies in software, IT services, and corporate services have nearly 200,000 open entry-level jobs.  

And – once they’re hired – tech workers have consistently said that career development is the number one benefit that top tech employees look for in a company. Because of the need to keep tech workers apprised of the rapidly evolving changes in the sector, and to keep them employed, a popular incentive for employees in the fast-paced tech industry is to offer access to learning platforms and up-to-date job training. Enter: ACI Learning... 

ACI Learning Delivers on Staffing and Retention 

ACI Learning is an international IT training provider, with 16 years of experience training IT professionals. Through the apprenticeship program, top students are sent to employer partners at zero cost. The concept works much like an Indeed or Zip Recruiter for IT candidates – complete with CompTIA and ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) training - except with the bonus that employer partners do not have to pay anything. 

Through the ACI Learning Apprenticeship Program, partner employers serve as a much-needed career starter opportunity for ACI Learning’s students and graduates to polish their skills and get on-the-job training. Employers can access an exclusive pipeline of IT professionals, increase retention, and get talent with exactly the skills, certifications, and values needed on their team. 

The Right Credentials: U.S. Department of Labor Approved 

ACI Learning is a CompTIA Preferred Partner and U.S. Department of Labor-approved. The apprenticeship program meets national quality standards and has been approved by the United States Department of Labor as a Registered Apprenticeship Program (RAP). In partnership with a growing list of employer partners, including companies such as Colorado-based K3 Technology and Texas-based Juern Technology, ACI Learning apprentices are guaranteed a direct pathway to employment through this program. 

“Organizations are challenged by sourcing job candidates with the exact skills and certifications desired by the hiring team, and at the same time, job seekers struggle to enter technology fields. ACI Learning has helped over 10,000 IT professionals start their careers, and we are thrilled to be recognized by the U.S. DOL as a Registered Apprenticeship Program to continue making a positive impact on employment outcomes for our students,” said Brett Shively, CEO, ACI Learning. 

With the record high demand for these skills, it is easy to see why so many employers are looking to solve the issue of staffing their IT departments through a DOL approved apprenticeship program. 

Flexibility and Bespoke Options 

ACI Learning offers four different competencies for employer partners to choose from, allowing companies the flexibility to design an apprenticeship program that meets their unique needs. These options include Tech Project Coordinators, Tech Support Specialist, Network Support Technicians and Cybersecurity Support Technicians.  

Apprenticeships last one year, and the participating employer pays the student’s salary throughout the program. As a result of building an apprenticeship program with ACI Learning, organizations can expect to improve productivity, increase retention, and have more time to invest in existing employees. 

ACI Learning also provides free resources to its partners such as access to ITProTV and Practice-Labs, enhancing the experience for apprentices while maximizing the value it provides to employers.  

 Key Benefits to Apprenticeship Program Employer Partners 
  • Recruit, develop, and retain a diverse and highly skilled workforce that helps you grow your business 

  • Immediate pool of candidates today and skilled talent tomorrow 

  • Structured approach to recruitment and talent development 

  • Create flexible training options that ensure workers develop the right skills 

  • Timely training in specific skills and knowledge that meet business needs and keep pace with industry changes 

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